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What are we reading, planning and doing?

When we're hanging out (with Oscar the Spaniel) and thinking about our retreats, we gather ideas, resources and techniques we want to share. Then apply them to our programmes. Enjoy...

Stress - Less More
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Getting off the grid

Why pressing pause is good for your wellbeing

How to mitigate the risk of stress - from over-analysing

Sometimes our most valuable business skills, can come along and bite us in the bum! Learn how to add balance to your critical thinking...

Pilates for Health, Well-Being and Relaxation

Take a break and relax - in the guiding hands of Louisa Harris @ our beautiful Retreat in South Western France.

Reset Retreat

When you're ready to press pause, reset and get started with a new view on life. Join this gentle, supportive and fun break. For ALL ages and life stages.

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Pilates for Life Balance and Well-Being

Imagine having the chance to think, break, relax and focus – whilst being guided through a beautiful three nights of gentle Pilates tuition, nutritional advice, great food and wine, wonderful nature..

The Art of staying focused

Mindfulness is the new buzzword. Everyone I stumble upon seems to be bestowing the value from practicing the art. And I've seen the evidence for myself.