Mindfulness can make you a better Writer.... or perhaps Writing can help you to be more Mindful?

Neither of these principles hang together if you've never a: felt particularly mindful.  And b: got beyond a blank page when you're trying to create the novel you're convinced must be in there somewhere!

In fact - it IS possible to combine both of these things, which is the core of our thinking surrounding our forthcoming Writers Retreat led by the experienced Conor Montague.

Here's how to make it a reality!  According to the experts at Psychologies Magazine (can-mindfulness-make-you-better-writer)

1. Create a conscious writing ‘sanctuary’ - either set a timer for 15 minutes (longer if you want), or cue up a piece of instrumental music. Ask for insight about what subject you should write about.

2. Use free writing to work towards a point where a decision feels right and creates a flutter of excitement.

3. If you’ve been pondering the question of what to write about for some time, give yourself permission to come up with a decision that feels ‘good enough for now’. Sometimes you just need to dive in and commit to something in order to move forwards.

4. Finally on a fresh page, summarise what you’ve decided to write and the core message you wish to convey.

There definitely is an 'art' to writing great material - being able to craft something which is meaningful for the listener, reader or viewer takes structure, expertise and clear thinking.  Having a guide on hand helps you to move beyond the typical blockers which might stop you when you're trying to write alone.

The 'art' of mindfulness typically is achieved when we remove the vice like grip we often place upon our own expectations.  Allowing yourself to think and write without judgement is the first step and can free a beautifully creative mind.

An environment where you step away from day to day and life pressures - the home from home we've created @ Le Pelot will ensure that the typical life laundry which can sometimes be a burden, is a figment of your imagination.  IMAGINE... relaxation AND brilliant writing!