Our Special Ingredients

    • 3 nights All Inclusive stay at Le Pelot Well-ness Escape in the heart of South West France.
    • Executive transfer from either Toulouse or Bordeaux airports - included.
    • Sessions (typically 1 or 2 per day) with our in-house expert for the weekend.
    • Healthy and thoughtfully created meals around the farmhouse table cooked by qualified chef and foodie's Kirstie and David.
    • Local wines served AND vineyards visited.
    • Beautiful 5 star accommodation with ensuite facilities. White Company bedding, homemade soaps, hairdryers and soft towels and sarongs in every room.
    • Local area visits - including wonderful food markets, medieval villages, gorgeous vineyard flanked walks, or cycles - suitable for every level of fitness and health.
    • Space to rest, read, toast your feet in front of the fire or laze in the sunshine.

And the cost... We aim to keep it simple.

    • £550 per person in executive shared rooms or £600 for single occupancy.
    • We can accomodate all food allergies, intolerances and preferences..
    • Simply drop us a line to make a reservation and pay your deposit - dandklepelot@gmail.com

Home from home without washing up!

Less formal than a typical five-star hotel.  More luxurious than many B&B’s.  And all without the washing up!  Whether you’re searching for a comfy corner to sit under a blanket, or have a relaxed cuppa – we’ve created the home from home which makes your PJ’s as accepted as you would in your own home.


And breath.jpg

Instant relaxation - a chance to breathe

We’ve been told that from the moment you walk through the door at Le Pelot, you can breathe and relax.  Perhaps it’s being greeted by a friendly Spaniel, or the flicker of the wood-burner.  Or the sound of a gentle tune in the background.  Effortless is our aim.



Welcoming and Secure

There’s often the pressure to be your ‘best self’ in public.  At Le Pelot – there’s no such judgement.   Our warm welcome is unconditional and our secure, and gentle environment has been created on purpose – to allow you to breathe.



Perfect for single travellers

You’re not alone when you step into the fold which is Le Pelot.  If you need space to think alone – or want to hang out with gentle conversation, you’re equally as welcomed.  How can you be alone when you have Honey or Oscar the spaniels to keep you company!


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Beautiful writing centre

Remote and peaceful, Le Pelot become home to your imagination.  The flash or yellow from Golden Oriels skipping through the trees, or the flicker of lights from the nearby Montreal du Gers will stimulate your create juices or provide the perfect relaxation to open your mind.



Nurturing and advice

Be supported by expert tutors to help you explore and develop your writing. Hone your craft with an inspirational mix of workshops and one-to-one tutorials.



Our Mission - it's not impossible!

We believe that it’s possible to reduce the impact from stress, long before it becomes a mental health challenge.  Day to day life is tough – even for those who appear to be skipping along without a care in the world.  It’s our mission to provide tools, techniques and ideas to help mitigate the risk of stress taking over.


Time and space to write and think

Step away from your normal routine and immerse yourself in the creative process without distractions. The perfect place to let your writing off the leash and your thinking and ideas develop.